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Raw, minimally filtered honey producted in Floyd County, VA  on the Blue Ridge Plateau .

This is 100% pure raw wildflower honey from our apiairy in Indian Valley. Wildflower honey is a mix of many different nectar sources depending on what's in bloom at the time. Our honey most likely contains nectar from Tulip Poplar, Locust, blackberry, clover,  and many other native wildflowers.

From our home to your table. We are a small family owned apairy. We harvest our honey off our land. Our honey is completely raw. It is not pasturized (heated) and is minimally filtered leaving all the good stuff, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and natural flavor of raw honey . 

Raw honey does tend to crystalize over time. Simply set the bottle In a pot of hot water to liquify. 


*honey dipper sold separately


Pure Raw Wildflower Honey- 2 lbs bottle

1 Pound
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